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Solving the challenges of early-stage investing

Everyone wants to invest in the next big thing before its price skyrockets. Early-stage investing is risky. As an investor you shouldn’t have to rely on gut feel and a powerpoint to understand the potential. Once you’ve invested, you’re an owner so you shouldn’t have to chase the company for regular updates. When you do get an update, you want transparency; information related to the challenges faced by the company, although maybe even expected, such as missed targets, shouldn’t be left or marginalized. The same tools available to invest and easily manage a portfolio of publicly traded companies are not available for private investors. That’s why we built SUMS.

Smart Money

Investors and founders need tools that promote accountability


Early-Stage companies leverage their angel investments to raise $4 billion total – a 6X multiple​


Angel investors are narrowing the gap, investing in more diverse founders than ever before​.

$73 Trillion

More than 10% of North American households are accredited and control more than $73 Trillion in wealth

4 Million+

potential investors but only 10,000 to 15,000 are believed to belong to angel groups in the U.S.

Our Values

Level the Playing Field

We’re committed to providing each with the tools and information required to solve many of the challenges faced in early stage investing. By doing so, we will improve the fluidity of capital to early-stage companies and level the playing field for founders and investors alike.

Create Opportunities

Provide new early-stage investors the opportunities available in impactful companies

Raise the bar

Increase the standards for early stage-investing

Fully Engage

A centralized platform for private investments, SUMS allows investors to easily track the progress of their portfolio with modern analysis, up to date financials and regular company updates.

Meet our Team

Since we began working together our team members have accomplished plenty:

Raised more than $60,000,000 in financing from a global network of investors​; >$100,000,000 Exit ; Led successful FDA 510(k) clearance; Sales in 14 different countries​; Partnered with some of the world’s most innovative firms.

Peter Hickey

Co-Founder, Director

An investor and operator, Peter co-founded Allumiqs Corporation, IR Scientific Inc and Adaptiiv Medical Technologies Inc and has invested in early-stage, life sciences companies for the last 8 years.

Neil Smith

Co-Founder, Director

A doctor, investor and co-founder of one of Canada’s largest sleep apnea companies, Neil has more than a decade of successful investments in medical and life science companies including a 9 figure exit in 2022.

Kent MacLean

Co-Founder, Director

A co-founder of Allumiqs Corporation, Kent is a seasoned operator who has a history of building companies who experience YoY growth of +100%.

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© 2023 SUMS Capital. All rights reserved.

© 2023 SUMS Capital. All rights reserved.

Join SUMS today

Manage your current portfolio or build a new one. Join SUMS to a part of what's next.

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Join SUMS today

Manage your current portfolio or build a new one. Join SUMS to a part of what's next.

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